Week 10 – Our Final Week!

Can you believe it is time for Thing 10 already? 😉

This week we will focus on Online Polling & Surveys – this is a great way to get quick feedback on a project, to build support or energy around a campaign and to increase engagement with your patrons online. You’ll see that this week’s content is a bit briefer than in past weeks so if you start it early in the week you’ll still have time to catch up with past weeks’ content if you’ve fallen behind.

The 10 Things program officially ends on Friday, November 16th at midnight. I’ll leave the site up for a few weeks beyond this but do please try to wrap up this week out of courtesy for the moderators. Thanks!

Thank you all for having the courage, interest and wherewithal to stick with this program.

We’ll be sending out evaluations to you electronically so watch for that in the coming weeks.

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Thing 9: Productivity & Collaboration Tools

Week 9 is all about Productivity and Collaboration Tools. The lesson page is pretty long, but don’t let that put you off. We wanted to include lots of tools so there would be something for everyone. The learning activity is to pick two tools and explore them. I’m pretty sure that everyone will find one or two useful tools that will help them save time and work more efficiently! Doesn’t that sound good? 😉

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In our own backyard… Thing 8: Databases (HomeACCESS)

Welcome to week 8! This week you will have a chance to discover and explore resources available through your library’s web site, the HOMEACCESS databases!

Mid-Hudson Library System member libraries do a great job of pooling funds so that all libraries can offer top-notch databases to their patrons. The menu of available databases is put together by the MHLS Collection Development / Central Library Advisory Committee and voted on by the Directors Association. By each library chipping in a bit all libraries have access to the things patrons want, like online encyclopedias, car repair manuals, language learning and practice tests for high school, college and career advancement.

We have found that when front line staff are aware, comfortable and confident with the databases that are available patron usage goes up! Help your library and your community get their money’s worth by learning about how fantastic some of these databases are this week!

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Thing 7: Video!!!

Using video to tell a story about your library or show a patron how to use one of your online resources is a powerful tool!

Rebekkah’s Rule: No video longer than 3 minutes! Keep it short and sweet!

I think you will have fun this week checking out all the different ways libraries from around the country are using video to build support for their library, to teach and to have fun!

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Thing 6: Catch Up & Reflect

It’s time to catch your breath and reflect on what you’ve learned so far! What an interesting 5 weeks we’ve had. And what a wonderfully engaged group of folks you are. The comments, sharing and encouragement that can be seen on your learning journals is reflective of what a supportive learning network you are all part of.

For this week’s activity:

  • Use the time to catch up on the last 5 Things.
  • Write a short ‘Thing 6‘ post reflecting a bit on the program so far. Some ideas to consider:
    • What you’ve learned so far!
    • Whether this way of learning has worked well for you.
    • Have you made new connections with colleagues?
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Week 5: Photographic!

Mia (with Camera) by Rude Cactus, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 Generic License  by  Rude Cactus 

Thing 5: Photo Sharing : This week we’ll be focusing on photos, photo sharing sites and fun things to do with photos that will help you promote your library and connect with your community.

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Week 4 is all about RSS

RSS really isn’t as daunting as it may sound. RSS is really kind of a magic technology that makes it easier to manage information and best of all, save time. But don’t take our word for it, head on over to the Thing 4: RSS page and find out for yourselves!

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It’s time for ebooks & audiobooks! Welcome to Thing 3!

Our week 3 Thing is now available and covers eBooks & audiobooks through the MHLS
OverDrive service, also known as the MHLS Digital Download Center.  Take your time with this week’s Thing, it is a significant area of growth for public libraries, as you are about to learn thanks to the statistics Merribeth has provided for you in Thing 3, and the demand won’t be slowing down anytime soon!

And there are lots of great comments and ideas being shared on your learning journals. Have you checked out the list of participants lately? Take a few minutes and connect with one of your colleagues by sharing an idea, asking a question, answering a question or just saying hi.

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Expand Your Learning Network

Just about everyone in the program is now up and running with their learning journal.  In the spirit of this week’s Thing, be sure to check out and “Follow” your fellow 10 Things participants on Posterous.

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Week 2: Get Social!

Week 2 is a biggie! Social media is huge and this week’s Thing is designed to help you understand some of the most popular web sites and networks where people are socializing and connecting to one another online.

While your library does not need to have a presence on all fronts, a general awareness of what is out there should be your goal.

Not only might you find a spot where you’d like your library to be, you may find spots to benefit yourself professionally!

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