Week 10 – Our Final Week!

Can you believe it is time for Thing 10 already? 😉

This week we will focus on Online Polling & Surveys – this is a great way to get quick feedback on a project, to build support or energy around a campaign and to increase engagement with your patrons online. You’ll see that this week’s content is a bit briefer than in past weeks so if you start it early in the week you’ll still have time to catch up with past weeks’ content if you’ve fallen behind.

The 10 Things program officially ends on Friday, November 16th at midnight. I’ll leave the site up for a few weeks beyond this but do please try to wrap up this week out of courtesy for the moderators. Thanks!

Thank you all for having the courage, interest and wherewithal to stick with this program.

We’ll be sending out evaluations to you electronically so watch for that in the coming weeks.

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