Thing 1: Learning Journals

Building Your Base OnlineWelcome to the 1st week of the Building Your Base Online “10 Things” Project, a free, fun and easy, online learning opportunity that will help you keep up (and catch up!) with many of the web-based services and networking tools that abound online today.

During this first week, you’ll set up a learning journal on Posterous to share your thoughts, ideas and reflections during the program. We’ll use these journals to keep track of which parts of the project you’ve completed.

You’ll also be able to read what your colleagues are writing, share ideas, comment on each other’s learning journals and learn from each other.

How will this project work?

This is a self-directed online program with no in-person classes.  During the 10 weeks, we’ll cover lots of useful tools you can use in your library and personally. Some of them might be things you’re already familiar with, some might be totally new, but hopefully everyone will gain a better understanding of how online technologies are affecting how we interact and connect with our communities and with each other.

How do I do this?

  • Each week there will be a new “thing” posted on this web site. Read through the content and explore the resources mentioned.
  • Do the learning activity and write a entry in your learning journal about the week’s activity.
  • If you need help with the week’s topic, scroll down to the bottom of the weekly lesson page (for Week 1, that’s this page!) and ask your question. The moderators will be watching the comments here and will get back to you!

If any of the weekly tasks are easy for you, please offer your help to others! On the other hand, if you are lost, please ask for help. Partnering with someone is another great way to work through this project and to connect with your colleagues.

Week 1 Learning Activity

For your learning journal, you’ll be using a free tool called Posterous. With Posterous, it’s easy to write new entries, add photos, videos and more. You can even post new items quickly and easily by email.

This Week’s Learning Tasks

1: Set up a learning journal on  Posterous.  If you need a bit of help setting it up, this screencast should help. You can stop and start the video if you want to follow along with the set-up steps.

2: Register your journal by filling out this formThe URL you need to register will look something like this:

NOTE: If you’re having trouble figuring out what your learning journal URL is, take a look at this very short screencast:

3: Write your entry for this week. Title it: “Thing 1: Learning Journal”  Some ideas for what to write about include:

  • Introduce yourself to the group.
  • What do you hope to learn from the course.
  • Was setting up your learning journal easy or hard?

Your entries don’t need to be terribly long (unless you love to write!) but they do need to address the topics discussed each week. Here’s Rebekkah’s post for September 10th as an example.

More to Explore

Connect with your colleagues: One really important part of this learning program is connecting with your colleagues. If you take a look at the participants page, you’ll find a list of all the learning journals that have been registered so far. Take a few minutes to explore what your colleagues are writing about and leave a reply for them on their learning journal.

Help with Posterous: Posterous has lots of help files. Some that you might want to explore include:

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